A hair-raising, or should that be losing, challenge!Event29th May 2020

A hair-raising, or should that be losing, challenge!

A great hair style for a great cause - thank you Dava!

Dave Stewart, known as Dava, a member at Upton Cricket Club, decided that he wanted to take on a challenge to help raise funds for our charity.  Upton Cricket Club have been supporters of ours for quite a few years now and almost everyone there has took part in some kind of challenge or other.

So, what challenge did he decide to take on?  Well, Dava needed a hair cut, he kept telling everyone. So being the good guy that he is, he was willing to take a comedy hair cut on the 29th May and to keep it for 5 days.  What a haircut it was, it was horrendous! Cut with a small bowl around the top of his head and sides shaved. It was streamed live on the 29th May at 5pm for everyone to see.

Even though it’s a very difficult time at the minute with Covid 19 and it’s hard for people to donate, lots of people got behind him and the club and donated.  To date he has raised the huge figure of £1335, surpassing his target of £1000!  Dava was ecstatic to have smashed his target and was ready to wear his crazy hairstyle for the 5 days, until he found out he had been called back to work early and would have to go in sporting his new haircut!  I’m sure his employers and work colleagues got a shock when they saw him!

Thank you to Dava and everyone at Upton Cricket Club for choosing to raise funds for us – we are truly grateful.