Eyes down – look at what the Comedy Bingo night raised!EventThursday 14th December 2018

Eyes down – look at what the Comedy Bingo night raised!

Our very own Jen Barton put on a Comedy Bingo evening at Southport FC to raise funds for VSF - what a success it was!

A night full of laughs, prizes and excitement was had by all at Southport Football Club on Thursday 14th December 2018.  Our very own Jen Barton, Chris Haw’s sister, held the charity evening to raise funds for more FREE heart screenings in the local area.

Brendan Riley, comedian and host of Comedy Bingo, had everyone in stitches and kept everyone highly entertained.  It was hard to concentrate on the bingo at times as we were all too busy laughing.  A great way to raise money whilst having a good laugh!

The grand total of £815 was raised at the event and we are extremely grateful to Jen for all the hard work and effort she put in to make sure this night was a success.

Special thanks also go to Mark and Lyn Cunningham from Anthony James Estate Agents in Hoghton Street, Southport.  They have supported our charity from the very beginning and have raised thousands of pounds for us. This year, instead of paying for Christmas drinks at their offices, they bought 50 tickets for the Comedy Bingo Night. Thanks guys!