February is National Heart Month – please get involved!January 19th, 2016

February is National Heart Month – please get involved!

The VSF have 48 extremely good reasons why you should get involved in Heart Month ♥

As you now know, if you have visited our website before, 12 apparently fit and healthy young people aged 35 and under, collapse and die EVERY WEEK in the UK from undiagnosed heart conditions.

During February therefore, National Heart Month, 48 young people in the UK  aged 15-35 will lose their life to Sudden Cardiac Arrest! That could be somebody from within your family or circle of friends.

As we are a small charity a little bit of money goes a long way – a few hundred pounds raised by 10 or more people pays for a FREE heart screening!  This actually means that the little bit of money you raised has helped to potentially save a life! Sounds dramatic but it’s true – we have had people come to our screening sessions who have been referred for further tests/treatment due to having an undiagnosed heart condition.  If they hadn’t come to the screening they would never have known until it was too late.

So how can you help us? Why not take the Coin Collection Challenge – see the leaflet below to see how you could join in!