Matthew Dutton’s Himalayas Trek Challenge – please support him!June 18th, 2019

Matthew Dutton’s Himalayas Trek Challenge – please support him!

Matthew is taking on the challenge next year to raise funds for VSF and the Tim Bacon Foundation - both very worthy causes

On the 17th of April 2020 Matthew Dutton will be partaking in the Himalayas Trek in Nepal with Global Adventure Challenges for Vital Signs Foundation and Tim Bacon Foundation.

On his fundraising page Matthew writes – “Both charities have a place in mine and my families hearts. At the age of 16 months, a similar age to my son now, my Father had a sudden heart attack when returning home from training with the Army in Germany which sadly took his life. Having a healthy heart and early detection is something I feel very passionate about and something that Vital Signs Foundation provide. June marks 30 years since my Dad passed away and I therefore want to do something in his memory and want others to take advantage of the screenings so like me can spend as much time as possible with their families. Vital Signs Foundation provide heart screenings to young people aged 16 – 35 to help prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

I am also choosing to fundraise for Tim Bacon Foundation who’s aim is to support local charities for people living with cancer. Personally to my family, they have helped support the Christie Hospital’s fundraising appeal for the first Proton Beam Therapy centre in the UK located in Manchester where my Mum’s partner Chris is currently being treated.

The trek takes place in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas of Nepal. We will be trekking for 6 days for approximately 48km, summiting at the Himalayan Peak of Poon Hill. Anyone that knows the current state of my legs and the continuous trekking with two different size feet will know it will be a challenge in itself. I therefore, along with my charities really do appreciate any donations you can give.”

We are extremely grateful to Matthew for choosing our charity to raise funds for and the money he raises will make a huge difference to the lives of young people aged 16 to 35, as we will be able to deliver even more heart screening days.  Our aim for the next year is to host at least 10 screening days per year – screening around 1000 people!  The Tim Bacon Foundation is a fantastic charity doing great work, again making a difference to people’s lives – let’s get behind Matthew and help him reach his target – after all, it benefits all of our families and friends’ lives!  Here’s the link straight into Matthew’s Virgin Money Giving fundraising page –