2000 Young People Screened!EventSaturday 12th May 2018

2000 Young People Screened!

What a special occasion our 22nd heart screening event at Southport College was!

Saturday’s heart screening event at Southport College was special for two reasons – it was in memory of Chris Haw, the reason why we do what we do, and also, we were to screen our 2000th young person!

We had a fantastic turnout – 88 people screened.  Thank you to anyone who contacted us to advise they couldn’t make their appointment – we were able to screen other people in their places.

Bethany Milton was our 2000th person to be screened – what lovely people her and her mum Stella were!

An awful lot of people went away with smiles on their faces, having had their heart checked and been told all was well.

One person needed to be referred for further tests and we will report back on this when we are able to.

Thank you to everyone who generously made a donation on the day – £92.20 was raised.  Other people were also asking if they could donate on our Justgiving page as well so many thanks to them!

A huge thank you to Southport College – Grant and Jez – for the fantastic venue and support on the day!

We also gained a new Ambassador on the day as well – Gary Dicker – who has been a great supporter of ours for a while.  He was part of the graphic design group at Southport College who designed our badge in 2016 and he has been raising awareness of our charity and what we do, as well as raising funds, ever since.  We look forward to welcoming him to our happy little team and working with him in the future.

Of course, we have to say a big thank you to our team – Clare, Janet and Louise from Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.  They are part of our clinical team and they do a great job.  Our paramedics – Lol, Trish and Kat – they take everyone’s blood pressure and deliver vital CPR and Defib training.  A huge thank you to them!  Jen, Chris Haw’s sister, was a great help on the day.  We literally couldn’t have done it without her – thanks Jen!

We should also say a huge thank you to everyone who raises funds for us as it is because of you that we can hold screening events like this – huge thanks!

If you are interested in being heart screened for FREE, and are aged between 16 and 35, then please check out our website where you will find out more details about what we do, why and how you can be screened.