Another Successful Screening Completed!EventSaturday 3rd February 2018

Another Successful Screening Completed!

Our heart screening day at Paymentshield offices in Southport proved to be a healthy one all round

The Paymentshield screening, held Saturday 3rd February 2018, was our 20th heart screening day and it proved to be a good day all round as every one of the 88 people who attended were given a clean bill of health as far as their heart is concerned.  Fantastic news!

It was a day where a lot of anxious people had their minds put at rest – something we value equally as much as finding somebody with a problem.

A huge thank you goes to the staff at Paymentshield for not only providing their offices as a venue for the screening day, but for raising enough funds during the last year to part-fund our new ECG machines which were used for the first time on the day.  The charity team, and everyone who has took part and got involved, have done an amazing job of raising over £7000 in the last 10 months.  We really can’t thank them enough!

Please keep checking our website for details of where our next heart screening days will be and get yourself booked on!