FREE Heart Screening – Chester 1st July 2017EventSaturday 1st July 2017

FREE Heart Screening – Chester 1st July 2017

VSF held another FREE heart screening - this time at Christleton High School in Chester on Saturday 1st July 2017

The day was a great success – we screened 84 young people aged between 15 and 35 for undiagnosed heart conditions.  A lot of people went home reassured and thankful for being given the opportunity to have their heart screened.  A few very kind people also made a donation on the day as well – thank you very much for your generosity.

Five people were given Echocardiograms and one of those people was found to have a potentially important abnormality.  He has been referred for further tests.  Again, this person was asymptomatic – he had no symptoms at all.  This shows just how important it is to get heart screened.

The Christleton High School heart screening was funded by the Therapy Team at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.  This team of great people took on the 3 Peaks Challenge in June last year and raised over £5000!  An outstanding achievement!

A huge thank you goes to Liz and Christleton High School for allowing us to have our heart screening there.  Thanks for all your assistance Liz and Laura!

If you would like to be heart screened then please contact us and we can advise when and where our next screening day is.

Also, we can only provide these screenings for FREE if we have enough funds, so why don’t you check out all the fundraising events that people have undertook for us and raise some funds yourself? How rewarding to know that you may have contributed to saving somebody’s life!