Happy Customers!July 20th, 2016

Happy Customers!

We really do make a difference to people's lives.

We know the difference our FREE heart screenings make to people’s lives – we see the relief on their faces when they leave after having their mind put at ease.  We also receive many messages of thanks from these people so I thought I would share some with you.

“Very thankful for the VSF team for speedy and efficient heart screening at Goodison Park. A fit and healthy friend died suddenly of a heart attack whilst training in the gym. This is well worth the half hour of your time …”

– Danny

“I had been nervous about anything to do with my heart for years. When my partner told me about the test I put a front on and avoided signing up for it myself. When the test came up in Crosby I knew I had to go and do it to put my mind at ease. After signing up reluctantly I was really nervous up to the day of the test. I could have easily cancelled it but there was something inside me that wouldn’t click the cancel button.

When I went to the screening, the staff were really helpful and fantastic on the day. Getting all the help you need and making you feel comfortable allows you to relax whilst you are there. The test is really easy to do as you don’t do anything other than sit still. Once my test was over I had a good talk with the consultant who again reassured me that nothing was wrong and that I can now stop thinking about it. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if it wasn’t for the staff and their help!”

– Mark

“A great day organised by Vital Signs Foundation. It was amazing to see so many people taking control of their heart health, and taking the time out to have an ECG. I was amazed how quick the test was! Just as I asked the guy will it hurt (for some reason I thought it would feel like a TENS machine!) he said it’s done! It literally took 30 seconds! You don’t feel a thing! And it could save your life! Then you get to speak to a consultant cardiologist (which you would normally wait months for) and they go through your ECG with you. You get to see North West Ambulance paramedics about CPR and how to use a defibrillator as well as getting your blood pressure and oxygen levels checked.

I would strongly recommend, for peace of mind and potentially saving lives, organising one of these events in your local community.”

– Carli

“Both of my daughters underwent this valuable lifesaving procedure, I urge every parent to be aware and support a fantastic cause that no doubt saves lives.”

– Paul

“Thank you for the free screening, you guys made the whole experience very relaxing and stress free”

– James

“I was very impressed with the service. Not only were they efficient and well organised, they were extremely kind and friendly too.  We spoke to the Consultant afterwards and she gave me exactly what I wanted – reassurance. Very happy to hear that my 17 year old son was fine and that 5 yearly checks for him were reasonable.”

– Venu