Heart Screening at Eaton Golf Club – what a turnout!EventSunday 29th September 2019

Heart Screening at Eaton Golf Club – what a turnout!

Despite the dreadful weather conditions, we had a fantastic turnout for our 31st heart screening day!

On Sunday 29th September 2019, World Heart Day, we held our 31st heart screening day, this time at Eaton Golf Club in Waverton, Chester.   It was only the second time we have held a screening on a Sunday and it was also a day full of heavy rain showers.  None of this deterred the fantastic people who had booked on to our screening as almost all of them attended.

We screened 95 people! An awful lot of those people went away with smiles on their faces, relieved having had their heart checked and been told all was well.    Nobody was referred back to their GP for further tests.  Thank you to anyone who contacted us to advise they couldn’t make their appointment – we were able to screen other people in their places.

Huge thanks go to Roy and Carol Claxton for all their fundraising, which in turn paid for the screening day, and to all the generous people at Eaton Golf Club who have supported them by donating.  Both Roy and Carol have both really gone out of their way to ensure that awareness of our charity has been raised in their area, as well as raise money to pay for the screening day.  We are also extremely grateful to Russ, the steward, and Carol, the chef, for looking after us so well on the day.  We were well and truly spoilt!  We cannot thank them both enough.

Thank you to everyone who generously made a donation on the day – £167.32 was raised.  Other people were also asking if they could donate on our Justgiving page as well so many thanks to them!

We would also like to say thank you to our fantastic clinical team – what an outstanding service they delivered on the day to 95 people!  Special thanks to Dr Johan Waktare, our cardiologist consultant, Ali our echo sonographer, Maria and Jade, our ECG technicians, Hannah our paramedic who took everybody’s blood pressure and to Mike, our student paramedic who superbly delivered CPR and Defibrillator training.  They provided an extremely friendly and professional service all day.

Our next heart screening is at the Everton in the Community Hub, Liverpool on Saturday 12th October 2019 – email us at info@vsf.org.uk if you are aged between 16 and 35 and are interested in getting heart checked.