Heart Screening at St Michael’s C of E High School in memory of Chris TanseyJune 10th, 2019

Heart Screening at St Michael’s C of E High School in memory of Chris Tansey

What a fantastic turnout - 99 people screened!

On Saturday 8th June 2019 we held our annual Chris Tansey Memorial Heart Screening at St Michael’s C of E High School in Crosby, Merseyside.  We really are grateful to everyone at the school for allowing us to use their facilities.

This was our 29th FREE heart screening day and we have now screened over 2600 young people.   Special thanks go to Jo Lewis at St Michael’s for liaising with the necessary people to allow us to use the school as a venue, and to Kathy Huyton, physio at AFC Liverpool for putting us in touch with Jo and for volunteering on the day.  We really couldn’t have done this screening without you both.

The event was funded by everyone who supports the fundraising events that the friends and family of Chris put on year after year, many thousands of pounds have been raised in his memory.

We had a fantastic turnout on the day – 99 people were screened.   An awful lot of people went away with smiles on their faces, relieved having had their heart checked and been told all was well.    Four people were referred back to their GP as they required further tests, one of them with a serious condition.  We will report further on this case as and when we have more details.  Thank you to anyone who contacted us to advise they couldn’t make their appointment – we were able to screen other people in their places.

Thank you to everyone who generously made a donation on the day – £200 was raised.  Other people were also asking if they could donate on our Justgiving page as well so many thanks to them!

We would also like to say thank you to our fantastic clinical team – what an outstanding service they delivered on the day to 99 people!  Special thanks to Dr Reza Ashrafi, our cardiologist consultant, Jane our echo sonographer and Bev, one of our ECG technicians – they are all new to our team and slotted in superbly.

Our next heart screening is at the Life Rooms, Walton, Liverpool on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 – email us at info@vsf.org.uk if you are aged between 16 and 35 and are interested in getting heart checked.