Heart Screening in St Helens – get booked on!EventSaturday 16th November 2019

Heart Screening in St Helens – get booked on!

The Eccleston Medical Centre in St Helens is the venue for our November heart screening

We are holding our 33rd heart screening day on Saturday 16th November 2019 at the Eccleston Medical Centre, Millfields Court, Eccleston, St Helens, WA10 5RG.

Our screening events are for anyone aged between 16 and 35.  The process is very quick and simple – an ECG and consultation with a Consultant Cardiologist.  Please read our screening information leaflet that is on our website for further information.

If you wish to be screened then please contact Tracey at info@vsf.org.uk – she will be able to help you get booked on.

Remember – at least 12 fit and healthy young people die each week due to undiagnosed heart conditions.  Don’t let this happen to anyone in your family or friendship circle!

Book today!