Heart screening at Rainhill High School in memory of Chris HawEventSaturday 22nd April 2017

Heart screening at Rainhill High School in memory of Chris Haw

VSF hosted another of our FREE heart screenings on Saturday 22nd April 2017 - but this one was extra special.

Saturday 22nd April 2017 was an extra special day for VSF as it would have been Chris Haw’s 36th birthday.  Chris is the reason why we do what we do and why we work so hard to help reduce the number of unnecessary deaths in young people from sudden cardiac arrest.  He is sadly missed by an awful lot of family and friends every day.

All the VSF team and the guys at Rainhill Utd Junior Football Club did a fantastic job of making the screening day a success – thanks again to Vinny, Ged, Dave, Phil and all the team for their great effort.  We love the partnership we have with you guys!

A big thank you as always goes to our clinical team who do such a fantastic job.  Our consultant cardiologist was Johan Waktare, the physiologists were  Kerry Young and Sue Yip.  Martin Ball was our paramedic who checked everyone’s blood pressure and performed basic CPR training.  We also had two young volunteers who manned our registration desk fantastically all day – huge thank you to Laura Scott and Charlotte Nolan.

We screened a total of 81 young people on the day and came across 2 people who were referred for further tests.  We put a lot of people’s minds at rest and sent a lot people away who now know they have been heart checked.  Those 81  people also donated a total of £126.09 on the day which is really kind and generous of them.

If you are aged between 15 and 35 and missed out on one of our previous heart screenings then keep checking out our website for screening days coming up and take your chance to make sure that your insides are as good as your outside.

We offer an MOT of your heart which includes an ECG, Echocardiogram and the opportunity to discuss your results with a consultant cardiologist from Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.  These tests are painless and take no more than 15 minutes out of your busy life.