Heart Screening Update – look at the results!Event8th January 2018

Heart Screening Update – look at the results!

In 2017 we held 7 FREE heart screening days - here is an update on the people who we came across with health issues

2017 was an excellent year for VSF – thanks to many people fundraising for us we were able to screen just short of 600 young people.

Out of the 600 people screened, we came across 10 who presented with serious, life-threatening heart issues that required referral to the hospital for further tests.  Of those people referred these are the outcomes so far:

  • confirmed congenital heart defect
  • confirmed Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • suspected Brugada syndrome – which is hereditary
  • suspected Long QT
  • suspected ARVC with no symptoms
  • suspected Wolff-Parkinson-White with no symptoms –  this is another hereditary condition.

44 people had blood pressure issues and were advised by the consultant to see their GP for those issues.

All these people are now under the care of the hospital and are receiving the necessary tests, advice and treatment.

All of our heart screening days are paid for by kind and generous people who fundraise to pay for them.  Some of these people have actually lost someone they love to Sudden Cardiac Arrest and they don’t want it to happen to anyone else.  They are only too aware of the pain and devastation that losing a loved one suddenly can bring.  They fundraise because they want to save lives.

It costs VSF £3000 to pay for a heart screening day – in that day we can screen up to 100 young people aged 16 to 35.

A donation of £30 pays for one person to be screened – who knows, that donation could save somebody’s life!  It could be a member of your family or one of your friends!

If you want any more information about the Vital Signs Foundation (VSF) please contact us: info@vsf.org.uk